During the rainy season, sitting outside and soaking in the pleasant weather has a different charm altogether. Invest in hanging chair, teak wood carved swings and wicker furniture for enjoying the experience, suggest experts. A garden table and chair set can be an excellent addition to the furniture collection this monsoon. Here are few options:

  1. Outdoor hanging chair: Choose a durable material such as cast metal. Alternatively, it may fit in the balcony with a rope swing bed which can be adorned with lovely cushions and seating.
  2. Garden table and chair or stool set: A garden table and chair set can be an excellent addition to the furniture collection this monsoon. Purchase one in light plastic or black metal. One made entirely of wood is best avoided as it can deteriorate significantly due to high moisture content and dampness in the air.
  3. Brass stools: Brass stools give a regal appearance to any home or garden. This type of furniture is an excellent fit for a garden during the monsoon season as it does not have any long term or adverse effects from exposure to moisture or damp air. Also, such stools do not take up much space, and can be doubled as a comfortable outdoor seating furniture and foot stool.
  4. Teak wood carved swings: Teak is one of the most popular materials in wood, and is used in both furniture and flooring. This type of wood is also used in making garden swings, a beautiful and sophisticated addition to any patio. Buy teak wood based swings that have intricate carvings for that added glamour to the outdoor seating area.
  5. Outdoor wicker furniture: Wicker is more a technique than material used to create furniture. It is usually made of cane-based materials, and is a perfect fit for any garden or patio. It is known for being extremely comfortable and at the same time it gives a boho-chic yet classy vibe to the overall home décor.
  6. Aluminium or wooden outdoor lounge chair: A must have furniture for any garden area or patio, lounge chairs are perfect for enjoying late evening moments, whether it is sipping a hot cup of tea or chatting with the special someone. Buy one that is made of sturdy material, so invest in ones that are made of either aluminium or hardwood.
  7. Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) precast concrete bench: Concrete benches are used for sitting purpose usually in gardens and parks, and give a smart and classy look. They can last throughout different weather conditions. Although these benches are generally used for sitting, they are actually multipurpose. They can be used to lounge, lean and can accommodate more persons than one. These benches are made of concrete, which is a composite material made up of two or more components. It makes them quite heavy and sturdy, which means it is a long-term investment.

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