High Mast Light

Supplier of LED High Mast Lights at Dealer Price in Goa High Mast Lighting solutions are used where large public areas like expressways, railway yards, dockyards, road junctions, toll plazas, warehouses need to be illuminated. It enables easier installation and…
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Street Light

Supplier of LED Street Light at Dealer Price in Goa Lighting plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth traffic flow and the safety of the residents. LED street lighting is an energy-efficient, long-lasting and a cost-effective choice for the…
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Pole Light

Supplier of Street Light Poles at Dealer Price in Goa Street light poles are the backbone of street lighting, and their use case extends from providing adequate lighting to the beautification of urban spaces. designers choose street light poles design…
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LED Flood Light

Supplier of LED Flood Lights at Dealer Price in Goa LED Flood lights not only ensure savings on initial capital but also deliver a long-lasting performance. The flood lights available with us save massive 90% energy, have high lumen output, good…
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LED Task Light

Supplier of LED Task Lights at Dealer Price in Goa LED Task light is a dedicated source of light that can be used while working on the computer, anything that requires your eyes to focus on the job at hand entirely.…
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Surface Mounted Luminaries

Supplier of Surface Mounted Lights at Dealer Price in Goa Surface mounted lights are mounted directly on the ceiling as they feature a screw-less design mechanism. Best suited for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and sterile facilities, surface mounted lights are versatile enough…
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LED Down Lights

Supplier of LED Down Lights at Dealer Price in Goa LED down lights are light fixtures that can be easily installed into a hollow space in the ceiling. They are brilliant energy-saving lighting solutions. WIPRO LED down lights is used…
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Wipro Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Supplier at Dealer Price in Goa

Clean Room Lighting

Supplier of Clean Room Lighting at Dealer Price in Goa Hospitals, laboratories and production environments require lighting solutions that offer pure light, are easy to clean, dust free and leave no room for errors. With the latest clean room LED…
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