WPC Ceiling

Supplier of WPC Metal Ceilings at Dealer Price in Goa WPC is the most preferred material for ceilings as its unique features are uncountable. They provide the best dimensional stability as they do not expand or contract due to heat…
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Torsion Spring Ceiling

Supplier of Torsion Spring Metal Ceilings at Dealer Price in Goa Torsion Spring Metal Ceiling System has proven to be an excellent choice for those seeking a fully accessible yet concealed system. It affords the end user 100% accessibility into…
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Stainless Steel Ceiling

Supplier of Stainless Steel Ceiling at Dealer Price in Goa Stainless steel ceiling is manufactured through a cold rolled pre-forming process that locally work-hardens the base material, and provides great strength to the false ceiling and drywall systems. This ceiling…
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Screen Ceiling V100/V200

Supplier of Screen Ceiling V100/V200 at Dealer Price in Goa Screen: Truly High Definition The screen ceiling is ideal for visually reducing room height while retaining original room volume. Screen ceiling excels at diffusing daylight or artificial light entering from…
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Multi Panel BXD Ceiling

Supplier of Multi Panel BXD Ceilings at Dealer Price in Goa The robust look of the BXD ceiling system fits perfectly in large open spaces with a high level of noise for example in airports ,shopping malls or conference halls…
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Mirror Finish Ceiling

Supplier of Mirror Finish Ceilings at Dealer Price in Goa Mirror Finish Ceilings available in following formats: Chrome Mirror Finish Brass /Gold Mirror Finish Copper Mirror Finish Combination of Copper and Chrome Finish Ceilings Why Surya Enterprise for Mirror Finish…
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Custom Perforated Ceiling

Supplier of Custom Perforated Ceiling at Dealer Price in Goa This systems can be developed to include acoustic sound deadening. Such acoustic panel systems benefit can be made with custom imagery and graphics embedded in the metal surface using Image…
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Cell Ceiling

Supplier of Cell Ceiling at Dealer Price in Goa Cell: wide open possibilities• Defines space• Creates interesting shadow and light effects• Masks the plenum while emphasizing creativity• Available in two types: Cell systems: integrated, flexible, modular products Cell tiles: standardized,…
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Baffle Ceiling

Supplier of Baffle Ceiling at Dealer Price in Goa Baffle-Grid Ceiling System provides an effective one-directional visual screen in a range of modular sizes and patterns to suit a variety of design concepts. Made up of slim line extruded aluminium…
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Linear Wood Ceiling

Supplier of Linear Wood Ceiling at Dealer Price in Goa Wood Finish Metal Linear Ceiling, a unique product which gives you the advantages of Metal with a finish of Wood. These panels are available in all the profiles which we…
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