QuadroClad™ Facade

Supplier of QuadroClad™ Facade at Dealer Price in Goa The QuadroClad™ system is a unique, open-jointed cladding system based on the principles of rain screen façades developed by Hunter Douglas. This ventilated system is engineered to deliver both outstanding looks…
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Terracotta Facade

Supplier of Terracotta Facade at Dealer Price in Goa Terracotta Facade panels blend urban tradition and materials with the latest technology in ventilated façades. Terracotta offers a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and finishes. We offer a complete standard offering –…
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Screen Facade

Supplier of Screen Facade at Dealer Price in Goa Exterior screens help to make maximum use of natural daylight and manage solar control. The perforated metal screen panel let sunlight move into the interior while reducing thermal gain. Material: Aluminium…
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Multi Panel Facade

Supplier of Multi Panel Facade System at Dealer Price in Goa Multi Panel Facade System consists of 150mm and 200mm wide roll formed panels with a small butt joint. The panels are coil-coated with the UV and scratch resistant .The…
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Miniwave Facade

Supplier of Miniwave Facade Panels at Dealer Price in Goa Miniwave panel has been designed for the application of Interior & Exterior cladding. Its geometry is based on undulating lines that resembles a corrugated metal sheet. It has the advantage…
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Aerofoil Louvers

Supplier of Aerofoil Louvers at Dealer Price in Goa Aerofoil fins are aluminium extrusions with a wall thickness ≥ 1.8 mm. The ends are closed with aluminium caps cut from ≥ 1.5 mm thick plate. All used screws and bolts…
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Aerobrise AB Louvers

Supplier of Aerobrise AB Louvers Sun Control System at Dealer Price in Goa Aerobrise sun control system is highly aesthetically pleasing selection of products and innovative solution. When included in the design stage, the sun control Aerobrise system will become…
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50BD Louvers

Supplier of 50BD Sun Louver System at Dealer Price in Goa 50BD Sun Louvre Systems blend style and functionality, bringing a distinct look to a building’s exterior while providing shade and comfort to the people inside. Our high-quality materials produce…
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84R Sun louver

Supplier of 84R Sun louver System at Dealer Price in Goa 84R Sun Louver system is a real classic, used for application on straight, curved or angled facades. The product has an elegant and light appearance with nicely curved edges.…
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Hunter Douglas Facades 100R Sun Louvers in Goa by Surya Enterprises

100R Sun louver

Supplier of 100R Sun louver System at Dealer Price in Goa 100R Sun louver is a fixed system with strong and durable extruded C-shaped panels. 100R Sun louvers allow quick and easy installation with very few tools required. The plastic…
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