Curtain designs have become an essential part of interior designs today. Of-course you need inspiration for designer curtain in goa and may search for curtain style trend 2019. No worries, here we present to you top curtain design trends in 2019 – 2020.

Curtains make a room and are way more than a window dressing. The right set of window curtains can change the whole atmosphere and appeal of a room. Other than offering warmth and privacy, they definitely add to the décor factor. So, choosing the right set of fabric for curtains is a must. You need to view your windows from a holistic point of view, considering the colour, fabric, design, length and lining requirement.    

Designer Curtains in Goa 2019 -2020

1. Valance Curtain Design

This home curtain is adding grace to the room interior. The white short curtain is having yellow sunflower prints on it with checks on the bottom. The belt used for tying up curtain is also having checks print. The top of the curtain is having frill of sunflower print which is looking amazing.


2. Hanging Curtain Styles

This is the best curtain which is just hanged up over rod. Clothes of three colours are hanging of blue, white and green colour. This hanging cloth will be used for covering the middle part of the white plain curtain. Bright colours on both sides of the white curtain are attractive.


3. Crocheted Flower Curtain Design

This curtain decoration idea is a unique concept. The curtain is made up of crochets having flower pattern. There is a colourful flower of woolens that are attached together and are hanged on a white rod. This is a surprising pattern of the curtain which is very uncommon.


4. Shower Curtain Pattern

This different curtain design for home is used for the bathroom. This curtain is to be hanged while going for a shower. It covers the shower area. The curtain is having a beautiful graphic print of a lady created with the help of butterflies and a chandelier beside her.

5. Landscape Curtain Cloth Style

This curtain cloth design consists of a beautiful landscape print. There are big trees, waterfall, flying birds and river. Few people are on the boat enjoying nature. These designs of curtain give liveliness and freshness to people of home. It is just a breathtaking experience.

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