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Artificial green wall system plant panels create a beautiful green environment even in the most inhospitable planting locations. They have been created using individual plant designs which are unique and not available elsewhere. The artificial green designed to ensure an even natural looking coverage of plants over large and smaller areas. Installation is quick and easy.

Our artificial green wall panel have been rigorously tested to ensure UV stability and fire resistance. Whether you’re looking for an instant maintenance free green wall as part a larger landscape design, a green feature for a small urban garden or a commercial application indoors or out, artificial green plant creations are the product of choice.


Artificial Green Wall FAQ :

What do green walls do?

One of the lesser known benefits of living green walls, the structures can reduce noise levels in buildings. Living green walls act as extra insulation with a layer of air between the plants and the wall. They also reduce noise levels by reflecting, refracting as well as absorbing acoustic energy.

How much does a green wall cost? or How much does a vertical garden cost?

Costs are varied depending on the project, but on average the cost for installing a living wall system, complete with plants, is $265 – $375 per sq ft. Once installed living walls require on-going maintenance regularly to stay healthy and vibrant. Vertical Gardens differ significantly from “green facades”.

Why are vertical gardens good for the environment?

Yet another benefit of vertical gardens is that they improve the air quality of built up areas, both inside the home and outside. This is because plants are natural filters – taking carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with much needed oxygen. They also help to filter pollutants from the air.

What plants can grow in a vertical garden?

Edibles that adapt well to vertical planting include fruiting vines such as kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa), Siberian gooseberries (Actinidia arguta), edible flowers such as vining nasturtiums, and vertical garden vegetables such as peas, squash,tomatoes, and pole beans. Columnar plants provide vertical gardening interest.

Why Surya Enterprise for Artificial Green Walls in Goa?

Surya Enterprise is one of the top artificial green wall dealers in Panjim with sales office in Vasco, Goa. We do supply of all types of artificial green wall solution like vertical garden, living green wall and installation of vertical garden in homes and offices in goa including Margao, Ponda, Verna in South Goa and Mapusa, Bicholim, Anjuna, Arambol in North Goa.

We also undertake custom artificial green wall and vertical garden design projects in Goa and also we are a one stop solution for the entire range of green walls at most appropriate cost in Goa for hospitals, health-care centers, administration and office buildings, schools, nurseries, as well as commercial and industrial facilities.

Trust only Surya Enterprises for Artificial Green Wall Panels in Goa.

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With whole range of interior & exterior solution in Goa for offices / Home, Surya Enterprise offers affordable priced, low cost artificial green wall solution in goa to those who are worried about what is the prices of artificial green wall panel in goa?

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