Don’t let the monsoon dampen your mood or decor. Here are 8 expert-recommended ways to revamp your home for the season.

After months of sweltering heat, it’s monsoon time. In this weather, you may tend to stay indoors for longer. Hence, you need to spruce up your home decor for the season. Houzz India Editor Preeti Singh; Meghna Menon, Interior Expert at; and Myna Batavia, Founder of Green Carpets share some tips to decorate your home during the monsoon:

  1. Don’t we all love the sight of the pitter-patter and freshly bathed trees and plants? Sheer curtains are transparent and lend an airy and spacious feel to a room.
  2. Monsoons guarantee muddy shoes, drenched umbrellas, and soaking raincoats. Make sure you create a dirt corner next to your entrance with a doormat (jute, coir, rubber) and an umbrella stand. Accessorise this space in a way that it goes with the decor of your entrance or living room.
  3. This season brings with it termite infestation, flies, fungus, and silverfish. If it’s DIY solutions you’re looking for, try scattering neem leaves, camphor balls and cloves around the house and under your mattress as it can help red moisture. If it’s an intensive treatment that you’d like to go for, get a pest/termite control done in your home before the showers start.
  4. Create a makeshift coffee/tea area in your terrace/balcony. Keep a few chairs, a table and sprinkle plants to accentuate this outdoor lounge space.
  5. The rains are lovely, but they also lead to an overall glum environment. A great way to combat this is through decor, specifically by incorporating a lot of colours. Throw in a bunch of pop-coloured cushions against a neutral sofa, or go for a bright-coloured sofa or pair of chairs.
  6. You can also incorporate a lot of coloured accents like table lamps, vases, paintings and wall art. Avoid rugs and carpets as they tend to attract mould. You could even create an accent wall by painting a focus wall. This would liven up your room instantly.
  7. Monsoon is the perfect season to bring out indoor plants. Keep them outdoor through the night. Allow them to soak in the rain water, so that they get a thorough wash. Bring them indoors first thing in the morning, dry the leaves, stem and bark thoroughly. Do not water the plants for at least a week to ten days thereafter. You’ll see the plants perking up immediately.
  8. Planting and pruning galore: Monsoon is the best time to begin the planting and pruning process for plants. First, prepare a dry bed of ready-to-use-soil for the saplings or cuttings. Prune unnecessary growth. It is also the right time to shape the plants. Once done, provide the necessary fertilizer to fortify the plants. Allow the rains to water the plants. If there is a break in the monsoon, do not manually water the plants unless the soil has completely dried out.

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