Wood Works Panels

Supplier of Wood Works Panels for Acoustic Ceiling & Walls at Dealer Price in Goa Wood Works panels offer a real wood veneer over a mineral fiber substrate to create a lightweight, acoustical perforated panels that provide excellent sound absorption.…
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Synth Slim (Walls)

Supplier of Synth Slim Boards for Acoustic Walls & Work Station at Dealer Price in Goa Slim are core-pigmented,rigid boards that can be easily knifed at site and installed to dimension requirements by adhering to tufbloc or other walls with…
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Synth PF

Supplier of Synth PF Insulation Roll at Dealer Price in Goa Synth PF are insulation rolls made of thermally-bonded polyester fibres. There are no resins and the product is totally chemically free. This makes it a very safe and hygienic…
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Sound Cape Canopies

Supplier of Sound Cape Canopies at Dealer Price in Goa These shapely canopies visually define spaces and provide spot acoustical absorption. Key Features of Sound Cape Canopies are : Hill and valley shapes available in multiple sizes and colors Adjustable…
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Optra Acoustic Wall Panels

Supplier of Optra Acoustic Wall Panels at Dealer Price in Goa Optra Acoustic Wall Panels absorb 85% of sound striking the surface – reducing noise within a space and reducing noise transfer between spaces and places desiring the practicality of…
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Mineral Fibre Ceiling

Supplier of Mineral Fibre Ceiling at Dealer Price in Goa Mineral Fibre has a high resistance to temperature and fire,upto 800c for 2 hours. The surface has pin, fissure or a combo of perforations.The core is inorganic and hence not…
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Tufbloc Series

Supplier of Ekcel Magnesia Tufbloc Series Ceiling & Walls at Dealer Price in Goa Tufbloc boards enjoys the advantages of water and impact resistance apart from screw holding and fire ratings to emerge as the top choice for soundproof ceiling…
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Stand Series

Supplier of Ekcel Magnesia Stand Series Ceiling & Walls at Dealer Price in Goa It consist of pinewood long fibres bonded with magnesia cement and additives. It’s an economical, unprimered version for budget installs. Why Surya Enterprise for Ekcel Magnesia…
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Mat Series

Supplier of Ekcel Magnesia Ceiling & Walls – Mat Series at Dealer Price in Goa It consist of Pinewood particles with magnesia cement and additives. Mat solo is the classic variant with factory finished white painted surface. Mat is heavyweight…
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Clean Room Acoustic Ceilings

Supplier of Clean Room Acoustic Ceilings at Dealer Price in Goa Clean Room ceilings help control contamination and maintain performance standards in clean room applications. Control contamination in clean rooms by maintaining control over the environment. Washable, scrubbable and soil…
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